Natural Turquoise Gemstones


Size: 8mm
Length: 16 inch
Quantity: 16 inches or 40cm Strand (Approximately 51 beads in a strand)
Style: Turquoise Gemstones
Hole: 1mm
Core: Semi Precious Gemstones

Turquoise in its most natural form is a very sought after gemstone and used in jewellery making, mostly mined in Iran, Afghanistan, Southwest United States and Egypt.

It is found in an opaque blue-green colour and it had the distinction of being the ornamental stone of choice for centuries.

These exquisite, intriguing turquoise gemstone beads were painstakingly fashioned by hand to produce an eye-catching pattern.

The vivid shades of turquoise evoke feelings of peace and tranquillity because they are reminiscent of crystal-clear tropical oceans.

This item is a remarkable work of art because of the fine craftsmanship and detailed detailing. These will effortlessly lend a touch of elegance and sophistication to any attire, whether worn as a dramatic bracelet or as a statement necklace.

This classic piece of jewellery is ideal for both formal and informal settings, making it a must-have for every jewellery enthusiast.