Charoite Gemstone Beads


Size: 8mm
Length: 16 inch
Quantity: 16 inches or 40cm Strand (Approximately 51 beads in a strand)
Style: Charoite (Colour Heated)
Hole: 1mm
Core: Semi Precious Gemstones

Every jewellery fan needs to have these gorgeous charoite beads! They give any design a hint of refinement and elegance with their vivid purple color. The 8mm diameter makes them ideal for crafting striking necklaces, earrings, and bracelets.

These charoite gemstone, are not only exquisite but also have a deeper significance. Their spiritual qualities are well known; these gemstones encourage inner fortitude, metamorphosis, and spiritual development. Therefore, in addition to crafting a gorgeous piece of jewellery, you will also be utilizing charoite’s uplifting energy in your creations.

A set of these gorgeous beads will give you many of options, so feel free to express your creativity. These are a versatile and simple addition to any design, regardless of expertise level in jewellery making. The options range from easy stringing crafts to complex bead weaving.

Why then wait? Obtain these  right now, and allow your imagination to run wild. These will look great whether you’re crafting jewellery for yourself or a loved one. Make magnificent items that have the uplifting energy of in addition to their exquisite appearance.

Please allow for slight variations in colours due to the nature of gemstone beads and lighting.