Turquoise Polyester Waxed Wire

Length: 3 meters
Thickness: 1mm
Colour: Turquoise
Quantity: 3 Meters
Core: Korean Waxed Polyester Cord


Waxed beading wire, also known as waxed cord or waxed thread, is a type of stringing material commonly used in jewellery making and beadwork. It is made of a strong, flexible wire core that is coated with a layer of wax. The wax coating provides several advantages and characteristics that make it suitable for various beading projects.

This turquoise polyester wire contains a medium wax treatment for a firmer drape. This thread is very easy to work with and does not tangle. We have an array of different cords and wires in multiple colours and sizes.

Waxed beading wire is commonly used in various techniques, such as stringing beads, knotting, macramé, and braiding. It is available in different thicknesses or gauges, colors, and finishes, allowing for versatility and customization in jewelry designs.