Matte Blue Seed Beads

Size: 6/0 (4mm)
Quantity: 10 grams of Beads
Core: Glass
Colour: Matte Blue (As shown in the pic)
Hole: 1mm

These seed glass beads are similar to pony beads in shape and appearance. You’ll love how easy these beads are to work with. Their size is ideal for craft projects, cloth embellishment, and fun jewellery creations.

They also can be combined with other styles for threading onto leather necklaces and macrame creations and tying onto scarves or weaving into braids. Mix and match to explore new possibilities.

These are a new addition to our seed beads collection. They are very high quality and smooth to the touch. We also have a collection of needles to help put these beads on a wire. These tiny beads are a must-have for any jewelry project and besides use in jewellery making (necklaces, earrings),  are also ideal for other crafts like crochet with fiber or wire.

These 6/0 pink glass seed beads are incredibly versatile and can be used in a wide range of techniques, such as weaving, stringing, or bead embroidery. They are often combined with other gemstones, or findings to create intricate designs, beaded jewelry, accessories, or embellishments on clothing and home decor items.

These are also popular among crafters and jewelry makers for their versatility, vibrant colors, and ability to add intricate detail and texture to various projects. They offer endless creative possibilities and are a fundamental component in the world of beadwork and jewellery making.

Read more about them on our blog – A definitive guide to seed beads to learn more about the seed beads types, size chart, and a bit of history.

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