Tiny gold Wire Connectors

Width: 4mm
Length: 4.5mm
Fit: 1mm
Hole: 0.5mm
Quantity: 10 connectors in a pack
Core: 304 Stainless Steel
Colour: Gold (As shown in the pic)

These tiny gold wire connectors are primarily used for connecting a a thin wire – simply slide through one end of the ball in one of the end and crimp slightly so it is secure and fixed. Can also be used to hide knots

In jewellery making, you might work with multiple strands of wire or cord to create more intricate and layered designs. Wire connectors, also known as multi-strand spacers or bars, are used to bring these strands together in an organized and neat manner. They help maintain even spacing between the strands, preventing tangling and adding a professional touch to your design.

Knots and crimps are essential for securing the ends of your jewellery pieces, but they might not always contribute to the aesthetic you’re aiming for. Jewellery connectors come into play by covering these knots or crimps, providing a polished appearance. This is particularly important in designs where the ends of cords meet clasps or closures. By concealing these functional elements, you create a more seamless and attractive finished piece.

We stock a number of practical connectors, chain extenders and other useful findings for jewellery making.

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