Side Wire Cutter Jewellery Beading Pliers

Length: 127mm
Quantity: Sold as a single Pliers
Colour: Vinyl grip – Black and red (As shown in the pic)
Core: Metal
Known as: Cutter pliers.

This is a stylish, compact & handy side cutter pliers also known as ‘diagonal cutter pliers’ or simply ‘wire cutting pliers’ is a perfect addition to your jewellery making tools & collection – this is a must have tool to get you started if you are a new beading enthusiast or already a professional. A cutter plier as the name indicates is a plier to help you cut beading wire with super ease & comfort. It will cut any kind of metal , beading wire or copper wire with a clean professional cut. With the help of a firm & sturdy vinyl grips, your task of handling this tool is easy and your results will be no less than professional.