Split Ring Opener Beading Pliers

Length: 140mm
Quantity: Sold as a single Plier
Colour: Vinyl grip – Blue (As shown in the pic)
Core: Metal
Known as: Split ring.

This is a wonderful, stylish, compact & handy “Split Ring Opener” beading pliers is a perfect addition to your jewellery making tools & collection – this is a must-have tool to get you started if you are a new beading enthusiast or already a professional.

Please also check our crimping pliers  – Crimping pliers as the name indicates is used to put crimps on a wire, typically tiger tail or some other metal beading wire.

Crimping with these pliers will be as easy as pressing on the pliers and applying gentle force to close the crimp off. Bonus – it also can be used as a cutter pliers.