Poppy Jasper Gemstones


Size: 8mm
Length: 16 inch
Quantity: 16 inches or 40cm Strand (Approximately 51 beads in a strand)
Style: Poppy Jasper Gemstone Beads
Hole: 1mm
Core: Semi Precious Gemstones

Poppy Jasper is an opaque quartz with impure traces of silica but has a smooth surface even though it may look a bit sandy. Due to its colour variation and smoothness, it is used as an ornamentation gemstone.

Any jewellery collection would look amazing with the Poppy Jasper Gemstone beads. These exciting beads are renowned for their vivid red and orange tones. To highlight the inherent beauty of the stone, each bead is expertly cut and polished, resulting in a one-of-a-kind, striking pendant.

The gemstone beads are ideal for making unique jewellery. These beads provide countless design options for jewellery designers of all skill levels. They can be used to make necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and other items. Poppy Jasper gemstones‘ vibrant hues lend any design a hint of coziness and refinement. These beads are simple to work with due to their uniform size and smooth surface. You may combine them with other beads or metals to create a unique creation that expresses your style. The Poppy Jasper Gemstone beads will infuse your jewellery designs with a hint of the natural beauty.