Natural Red Jasper Gemstone Chips

Length: 5-8mm
Width: 5-8mm
Quantity: 80cm/32 inch strand ( Approx 200-220 chips)
Style: Chip stones
Hole: 1mm
Core: Semi Precious Chipstone

Presenting to you our magnificent assortment of Natural Red Jasper Gemstone Chips, we offer an enthralling and a fascinating strand of red stones. These chips radiate a rich and brilliant hue that is guaranteed to capture the attention of any gemstone fan, as they are crafted from the highest grade red jasper gemstones. Every stone has been meticulously chosen and flawlessly polished, creating a breathtaking exhibition of the beauty of nature. This heap of red stones is an essential addition to any collection, whether you are a jewelry designer, collector, or just someone who enjoys the beauty of gemstones.

These genuine red jasper gemstone chips have a very alluring deep red color that exudes warmth and passion. These stones provide countless creative project possibilities because of their distinctive shape and texture. Use them to craft gorgeous jewellery, like necklaces, bracelets, or earrings, and allow their vivid red hue to elevate your look. As an alternative, use these gemstone chips to add a splash of color to your living area by incorporating them into your home design. These chips will stand out whether you use them in a mosaic art project or arrange them in a pretty bowl.