Multi Coloured Porcelain Beads

Length: 8mm
Width: 8mm
Hole: 2mm
Quantity: 1 single bead
Core: Porcelain
Colour: multi-coloured (As shown in the pic)

Handmade porcelain round 8mm shiny steel blue beads ideal for delicate jewellery pieces.

Due to the fact that these are hand made, please expect slight variations in sizes and contour.

Greek style worry beads. Short tail, handmade with ceramic, very tactile. organic, very natural designes – great for jewelry making.
These qualify as natural, organic (not perfectly round) shape.

They are in bold colours and look very cheerful. We also stock similar items in different colours.

They are ideal to be used to aid with relaxation. By counting or just fidgeting, fiddling with them, they provide a distraction and provide something to do with your hands. An example would be, when trying to give up smoking.