Lustre Red MIYUKI Japanese Seed Beads

Diameter: 2mm
Thickness: 1.3mm
Quantity: 5 grams in a bag (Approximately over 500 beads)
Hole: 0.8mm
Colour: Lustre Red
Core: Glass bead
Colour: Pale Rose


MIYUKI is the oldest seed beads manufacturer in Japan.  MIYUKI glass beads are considered as because of their high quality, color brilliance, and uniform shape.

They are highly sought after by fashion designers, artists, and bead fans alike.

MIYUKI can produce various types and shapes of seed beads, such as Delica, TILA, Round Rocailles, Drop, etc.

These lustre red seed beads can also be used for stringing as spacers between larger beads.

Also used in fiber crafts (embellishments), crochet on a full jewellery piece made up entirely of seed beads on flexible nylon, or stretchable wire.

The ideas are endless. Find more amazing colours and styles in Miyuki seed beads