Light Turquoise Frosted Glass Beads

Length: 8mm
Width: 8mm
Quantity: 1 Strand (Approximately 105 beads)
Hole: 1mm
Core: Glass
Colour: Turquoise
Style: Frosted Matt Opaque

Frosted glass beads are decorative beads that have undergone a surface treatment to create a frosted or matte appearance. These frosted beads are made of glass and have a smooth texture with a soft, translucent finish.

The frosted effect is achieved through a process called etching, where the surface of the glass bead is chemically treated or sandblasted to create a slightly roughened or matte texture.

Frosted glass beads are popular in jewellery making and various craft projects due to their unique and elegant look.

Frosted glass beads offer a versatile and visually appealing option for adding texture and sophistication to jewellery and craft projects. Their understated beauty and soft, muted appearance make them a popular choice for those seeking an elegant and subtle touch in their creations.

Please allow for some variation in colours due to light & monitor settings.