Natural Crystal Chips

Length: 5-8mm
Width: 5-8mm
Quantity: 80cm/32 inch strand ( Approx 200-220 chips)
Style: Mix Lot
Hole: 1mm
Core: Semi Precious Chipstone

Introducing our stunning selection of white quartz natural crystal chips; the captivating beauty and elegance of these natural chips are captured and  you can experience the actual essence of these breathtaking formations because each crystal is handpicked with care to ensure the best quality and clarity.

These natural crystal chips, which were created by nature herself, have an alluring purity that subtly improves any area they grace. Each crystal’s fine intricacies and distinctive patterns combine to produce a visual spectacular that captivates the viewer and inspires awe.

White quartz crystals are prized for their metaphysical qualities and are thought to hold healing energies that encourage harmony, balance, and mental clarity. Accept the uplifting energy that these gems radiate, and allow them to bring peace and tranquility into your environment.

These white quartz crystals are a timeless gift for loved ones or a special treat for yourself because of its irresistible charm and appeal. Unwrapping a truly exceptional piece of nature’s creativity is a delightful experience, made possible by the careful packaging that each crystal undergoes throughout transit. Accept the elegance of white quartz crystals and allow their light to fill your life.