Elastic Clear Cord

Length: 11 meters
Width: 0.8 mm
Qty: 1 reel – 11 Meter
Colour: Clear (As shown in the pic)

For everyone who loves jewellery, this round Japanese elastic crystal string is a must-have!

This elastic clear cord is ideal for anyone who enjoys crafting their own accessories, whether they are jewelry makers by trade or just hobbyists.

Your bracelets seem smart and attractive because of the clear tone of the thread, which lets your lovely beads shine.This crystal elastic clear cord is made of premium materials and is exceptionally flexible in addition to being quite durable. Since rubber stretches easily, you can make bracelets that fit any wrist size.

You may wear your handmade bracelets without experiencing any discomfort all day long thanks to the round form of the string, which guarantees a smooth and cozy fit.

With this elastic thread for beading, the options include

For metal parts, metal beads, please use a stronger wiring like copper wiring or tigertail wire, also in stock. In addition to our elastic wiring, we also have in stock the traditional tiger tail, copper, cotton waxed wiring, memory wiring and leather cords.

Our elastometer wiring represents a great value in terms of pricing and quality with a variety of colours.