Lapis Lazuli Round Beads

Length: 4mm
Width: 4mm
Quantity: 16 inches or 40cm Strand (Approximately 100 beads in a strand)
Style: Lapis Lazuli Gemstone (As shown in the pic)
Hole: 0.6mm
Core: Semi Precious Gemstones

Amazing deep blue metamorphic gemstone Lapis Lazuli round beads with its origin from Afghanistan and still the best lapis comes from there.

Also referred to as Azur, Azzurro and Azure gemstone beads. comes from the Lazurite family. Please note that some Lapis have lighter golden specs where as some have more prominent golden specs.

Enjoy the collection of our gemstone beads, chip stones, re-constituted and natural beads in different colours and sizes.

Gemstone beads offers many uses, colours and can easily be blended in most jewellery items. Easy to use, and long lasting, gemstones will make perfect fit for most of your projects.

Please allow for slight variations in colours due to the nature of gemstone beads and lighting.