Delicate Red Copper Chain

Length of the links: 2mm
Width of the links: 1.5mm
Thickness of the links: 0.5mm
Quantity: Sold per 2 meters length
Core: Metal (nickel, cadmium and lead free)
Colour: Red Copper

Red copper chain is a type of chain commonly used in jewellery making. It is made from copper, which is a highly versatile and durable metal and used extensively for jewellery chains.

Red copper, also known as rose gold or pink gold, refers to the color of the chain. The distinctive reddish hue of red copper adds a warm and elegant touch to jewelry designs.

It is crafted from copper, a metal known for its malleability and ability to take on various finishes. Copper is valued in jewellery making for its affordability, durability, and beautiful color variations.

This chain comes in various styles, such as cable chain, curb chain, snake chain, rolo chain, and more. These different chain styles offer versatility in jewelry design, allowing for different looks and effects.