Natural Dalmation Gemstone Chips

Length: 5-8mm
Width: 5-8mm
Quantity: 80cm/32 inch strand ( Approx 200-220 chips)
Style: Mix Lot
Hole: 1mm
Core: Semi Precious Chipstone

We are pleased to present our magnificent Natural Dalmatian Gemstone Chips, a striking assortment of stones that will infuse any environment with a dash of style and individuality. This strand is a stunning example of the beauty found in the works of nature, with its black and white dots. Since each chip is made from a real Dalmatian gemstone, each item is unique due to its unique pattern.

These gemstone chips have a unique meaning in addition to being aesthetically beautiful. The dalmatian gemstone is thought to have strong healing qualities that support emotional balance and ground energy. These small beads provide a multipurpose and captivating addition to any collection, whether they are utilized for jewelry-making, crystal healing, or decorative purposes.

These Natural Dalmatian Gemstone Chips are smooth and come in different sizes, so they’re perfect for a variety of creative projects. Make striking jewelry pieces, such necklaces or bracelets, that will definitely spark conversation. Use these chips to create terrariums, vases, or even a distinctive centerpiece to elevate your home’s décor. These captivating diamond chips offer countless options.

You may be confident that we obtain our Natural Dalmatian Gemstone Chips ethically and to the greatest possible standard. Every rock has been handpicked to guarantee both authenticity and beauty. These gemstone chips are an essential inclusion to any collection, regardless of whether you are a jewellery designer, a crystal collector, or just a person who enjoys the beauties of nature. Accept the organic beauty and uplifting energy that these rocks radiate, and allow them to serve as an inspiration for your artistic pursuits.