Antique Bronze Metal Spacer Beads

Length: 5mm
Width: 3mm
Hole: 2mm
Quantity: 10 beads _ 1 bonus
Colour: Antique Bronze (As shown in the pic)
Core: Metal (Zinc Alloy Cadmium & lead-free)



An exquisite assortment of vintage bronze rondell spacer beads.

The warm, brass-colored beads give off an air of elegance and timelessness and elevate any piece of jewellery. The rich history of traditional handicraft is reflected in the minute details and exquisite craftsmanship that go into each bead.

These beads’ antique bronze finish gives them a vintage charm, which makes them ideal for designing distinctive and striking jewellery designs. These beads provide countless opportunities for your creative pursuits, regardless of your level of experience as a jewellery designer—from professional to enthusiastic hobbyist. They are perfect for stringing, weaving, or adding into different jewellery-making processes because of their adaptable size and shape.

These beads have a brass hue and are not only eye-catching but also strong and long-lasting. Because of their superb workmanship, they will endure over time so you may continue to enjoy your masterpieces for many years to come. These antique bronze rondell spacer beads will definitely take your jewelry-making projects to new levels of sophistication and elegance, whether you’re crafting bracelets, necklaces, or earrings.

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