Antique Bronze Bee Shape Charm

Length: 10mm
Width: 11mm
Hole: 2mm
Qty: 5 in a pack.
Core: Antique Bronze

These gorgeous charms in the shape of bees made of old bronze are ideal for adding to any jewellery or craft project. These charms, which are made of premium brass, are not only aesthetically pleasing but also robust and long-lasting. The old bronze finish expertly captures the minute elements of the bee design, including its small antennae and delicate wings, lending your works a touch of retro elegance.

These bee charms are a need whether you’re a jewellery designer hoping to create a one-of-a-kind necklace or bracelet, or a craft lover wishing to add a humorous touch to your do-it-yourself creations. They are simple to incorporate into a variety of designs, from delicate earrings to statement pendants, thanks to their variable size and lightweight form.

Their ageless charm stems from their antique bronze finish, which fits well with both modern and vintage-inspired decor. With the help of these adorable bee charms, you can unleash your creativity and give your crafts a hint of beautiful nature inspiration.