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Length: 8mm
Width: 8mm
Grade: Low Quality
Quantity: 50 beads in a pack
Hole: 1.8mm
Core: Cat eyes Effect Glass Beads

A stunning collection of fibre optic cat’s eye beads which are ideal for all your jewellery project and these beadstypically have a shimmering effect and glow in natural and artificial light due to their reflection of light. Please note that these are low grade Cat eyes beads??and usually have a a little less Chatoyancy effect, In?? some of the beads the cat’s eye effect is minimal or missing. Also small variations in the actual cat eye effect and colour are possible. We have a number of cat’s eye beads in our inventory with different grading. It is a rare and valuable gemstone, which is often underrated as being a semi-precious stone. Cat’s eye beads are also available in tube, star, round and heart shape.