Silver Beading Eye Needles

Length: 75mm
Thickness: 0.5mm
Quantity: 2 needles in a pack
Core: Stainless Steel (Lead and nickel free)
Colour: Silver

These silver beading eye needles are suitable for beading but please note that the thickness is 0.5mm and will only pass through holes bigger than that.

Keep some of these economy Sewing Needles in your supply inventory – they will serve you well.

Beading eye needles are special needles used in jewellery making and beadwork to help thread beads onto stringing material. They are thinner and more flexible than regular sewing needles, allowing them to pass through the small holes of beads easily.

Beading eye needles come in various sizes, typically indicated by numbers (e.g., 10, 11, 12). The larger the number, the thinner the needle. Choose a needle size that matches the hole size of the beads you’re working with.

Cut a piece of beading thread or beading wire (or any stringing material you are using) and insert one end through the eye of the beading needle. Beading needles have small eyes, so you may need to use a needle threader to help if the thread is too thick.

Tie a knot or use a bead stopper at the end of the thread to prevent the beads from sliding off the beading eye needle as you work.