Green Lampwork Beads

Length: 9-10mm
Width: 9-10mm
Quantity: 4 Bead in a Pack
Colour: Green(As shown in the pic)
Style: Inside Flower
Hole: 1-2mm

Lampwork beads are beautiful handcrafted glass beads made by melting glass rods or tubes using a high-temperature torch flame. These beads are popular among jewellery makers and artists for their vibrant colors, intricate designs, and unique textures.
They can be used in various ways to create stunning jewellery pieces and other decorative items.

Lampwork beads can be incorporated into earrings by attaching them to ear wires, posts, or hoops. They add a colorful and artistic touch to earrings.

Lampwork beads are often used as focal beads in necklaces. They can be strung together with other beads, gemstones, or metal spacers to create eye-catching necklaces.

Lampwork beads can be used as charms or focal beads in bracelets. They can be combined with other beads or threaded onto memory wire or elastic cord to make bracelets.

Larger lampwork beads can be turned into pendants by attaching bails to the top. They can then be worn on chains or cords as standalone statement pieces.

All our beads are individually hand crafted by skillful artisans.

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Beads appear larger in photographs than they actually are in an effort to show you all their lovely intricacies. As a result, this may highlight textures on the bead surface that you may not see with the naked eye.