Black Cotton Waxed Cord

Length: 3 meter
Thickness: 1mm
Colour: Black
Quantity: 3 Meter
Core: Korean Waxed Polyester


This woven round  cord contains a medium wax treatment for a firmer drape. It is made of biodegradable cotton and knots securely. Cord sizes are approximate and may vary.

These natural cotton Waxed cords are jewellery making must & essential! No jewellery making project can be completed with proper wiring and cords – stock up on this versatile and high quality waxed cord.
We sell these waxed cords by the meter for your convenience and will gladly cut the cords as per your requests and s requirements.

You design your jewellery and we’ll supply the cords in your desired lengths.

  • STRONG DURABLE – Made from cotton; Natural wax; 12 Ply; Not easy to fray;
  • LONG AND CONSISTENT – Even thickness; Vibrant colors; 
  • LIGHTLY WAXED – Easy to pull through and open; Mildew resistant; Waterproof; No finger slipping; No chemical odor;
  • VERSATILE- Jewelry making, crafting, leather sewing, binding, wrapping, stringing, knotting, lacing, or beading.


In addition to the above, waxed cords, we stock every possible jewellery wiring requirement you might have for your projects and with your flexible wiring & cord cuts, you are well on your way to making those magnificent jewellery items