2.5 Meter Light Copper Beading Wire

Length: 2.5 meters
Thickness: 1mm
Quantity: One spool
Colour: Light Copper (as shown in the pic)
Core: Copper Wire (nickel and lead-free)


Excellent quality light copper beading wire in a spool of 2.5 meters. The wire is suitable for both heavy and lightweight beads as the wire is very strong. Copper wire with a thickness of 0.2mm is thin enough for those small beads as well.

For bigger hole beads, you can use a stopper or a spacer bead to hold the beads tight.

0.2 and 0.4 mm copper beading & jewellery wiring also available in Silver and Gold colours.

In addition to this light copper beading wire, we also have complete necklace chains, ready to go and ready to be worn.
Add a pendant, focal beads, a dangle, or a drop and you have a complete necklace in seconds.

We have a complete chain solution in base metal – both in gold & silver plated.

We are constantly adding new chains, jewelry making tools, parts, and metal findings like our complete metal chains with unique styles, artistic flair to compliment your lavish ideas of what stylish jewelry items should look like.

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