Matte Royal Blue Seed Beads

Length: 1.9mm ~ 2mm
Width: 1.9mm ~ 2mm
Quantity: 10 grams in a bag (Approximately 600 beads)
Hole: 0.8-1 mm
Colour: Royal Blue (As shown in the pic – allow for small variations)
Core: Glass bead
Brand:  FGB

Seeds beads are a must-have for any jewellery project and besides use in jewellery making (necklaces, earrings),  are also ideal for other crafts like crochet with fiber or wire.

Seed beads are an excellent see-through transparent little craft beads that adds a little glitter to all your jewellery and craft projects.

Also known as common embroidery,  and jewellery making beads  – these are transparent or clear in colour.

Larger sizes are used in various fiber crafts for embellishment, or crochet with fiber or soft, flexible wire.

These have a very small small hole in the center which means that stringing them usually requires the use of a specialized long narrow needle called a beading needle.

A must have for any kind of a jewellery, craft or crocket – uses are endless. Please also check out our bugle, clear and Miyuki Japnese seed beads  – stocks available in 6/0, 11/0, 12/0 as well as bugle size 3″

We also stock a number of stringing options to go with these products – please click here.

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