Length: 12mm
Width: 6mm
Hole: 1.2mm
Quantity: 10 beads in a pack
Core: Magnetic Hematite
Colour: Metallic Grey (As shown in the pic)

These high quality Hematite beads are ideal for all kinds of bracelets, necklaces and jewellery making projects. Magnetic Hematite beads have been associated with healing powers. Bracelets are worn commonly for ailments like arthritis, blood pressure disorders etc. Additional physical benefits include cure and relief from headaches, relief from cramps and spinal problems.We currently stock hematite beads in over 40 different types of varieties suitable for all kinds of hematite based jewellery.

WARNING: Please like any other beads these beads are NOT a toy. They should be kept away especially from children, If inhaled seek immediate medical attention.