Golden Snap On Bails

Size: 8mm X 3mm
Qty: 10 bail hooks per bag
Hole: 2.5X7.5mm
Colour: gold plated

The essential in making any kind of jewellery – a golden snap on bail hooks. To use these snap on bail hooks is very easy – slightly open the hooks with a nose plier and hook them to a filligree, pendant etc and once fitted, closed the hook firmly so it is secure. The open end of the snap on bail hook can then be slided on a wire, thread etc to make those stunning jewelry pieces.

This small golden snap on bail is designed for lightweight necklaces of less than 20 grams and it will comfortably fit cord or wire up to 1.0mm. The overlapping ends make it easy to attach to a jump ring or necklace. Remember, never pull the ends apart as it will damage the bail.

Snap on bails are also avaiable in silver and antique bronze.