Jewellery cleaning cloth

Length: 78mm
Width: 78mm
Quantity: 1 Cloth
Colour: Light Blue
Material: Suede Fabric

A soft suede fabric jewellery cleaning cloth to clean and polish various types of jewelry, including rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and watches – particularly designed for silver jewellery

This cloths is made from soft and non-abrasive material that is safe for use on delicate jewellery surfaces.

They are an essential tool for maintaining the shine and beauty of your jewelry.

This is a gentle and non-abrasive cloth, ensuring that it won’t scratch or damage your jewelry during cleaning.

Using a jewelry cleaning cloth is a simple process. Gently rub the jewelry’s surface with the treated side of the cloth to remove dirt and tarnish.

Then, use the untreated side of this jewellery polishing cloth to buff and polish the jewelry until it shines. Avoid excessive force or rubbing, especially on delicate gemstones or fragile jewelry pieces.