Newly Arrived Bumpy Dots Lampwork Beads

Size: 16mm
Colour: Turquoise – red dots
Quantity: 1 Bead
Hole: Top to Bottom

Stylish Lampwork Beads, artistic handmade beads & beads supplies

Lampwork beads are probably the very few kind of beads which have stood the test of time in its durability, demand and staying power.
These handmade artistic beads are easy to be used in any jewelry project and one look and you’ll fall in love with these wonderful high quality beads.
Lampwork beads offer a uniquesness as these are crafted by artisans and are truly unique, stylish and elegant. No two hand crafted lampwork beads are the same ??? to the naked
eye they will look the same but in reality there will be small differences which will truly reflect the mastery of this art and the artisan behind a lampwork bead.

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