Stainless Steel Colour Loose Chain

Length of the links: 5mm
Width of the links: 4mm
Thickness of the links: 0.5mm
Quantity: Sold per 2 meters length
Core: Metal (nickel, cadmium and lead-free)
Colour: Stainless steel colour only

In addition to our ready-made complete silver chains, we are also adding raw, bulk metal chains sold by the meter to design your own lengths and to give you added flexibility. We are selling these by the meter and will cut it into any length you desire as long as it is multiple of a meter. We are constantly adding new chains, jewelry-making tools, parts, and metal findings like our base metal bulk chains with unique styles, and artistic flair to compliment your lavish ideas of what stylish jewelry items should look like. Our chains & wiring are extremely affordable, without compromising on style, quality, and variety. Browse through our category and find all the pre-requisite tools, bracelets, beads, clips, and accessories to fulfill your dreams of grandeur & lavishly adorned jewelry.