Silver Flower Filegree Cap Metal Bead


Length: 10mm
Width: 4mm
Quantity: 1 Cap
Core: Metal (Lead and nickel free)
Colour: Light Silver  (As shown in the pic)

Theis is a beautiful Filigree Cap bead – it is a  delicate form of metalwork where thin metal wires are twisted, curled, or shaped into intricate and lacy patterns to create a design. This is a hollow beads with an openwork design, resembling fine lace or a mesh-like structure.

These beads are often used as focal points in jewellery pieces. Their intricate and eye-catching designs draw attention and become the centerpiece of a necklace, bracelet, or earrings.

These metal beads can be used to create elegant and lightweight earrings. They add a touch of sophistication to dangle or chandelier-style earrings without adding much weight.

Filigree metal beads can be used as spacers or embellishments in bracelets. They create an airy and delicate look while adding a touch of vintage charm.

In addition to traditional jewellery making, these mesh beads can also be used in mixed media projects, such as creating ornate art pieces or home decor items.