How to Open a Jump Ring?

Diameter: 19mm Diameter
Width: 8.5mm

Make opening Jump Rings easy!

Sick of breaking your nails trying to open jump rings?  You need this!

This brass ring is ideal for buckling, opening and closing a jump ring.

Use on your finger to easily open and close Jump Rings. Simply insert the Jump Ring in one of the slots and twist to open and close.

A jump ring opener is a simple yet handy tool that provides a secure grip on the jump ring, making it easier to manipulate and open without damaging the ring or other jewelry components. It usually consists of two prongs or jaws that are used to hold the jump ring in place.

This little tool can save you time and effort when working with jump rings, especially if you’re dealing with smaller or thicker rings that may be challenging to open or close using just your fingers or regular pliers. It provides a controlled grip, minimizing the risk of accidentally bending or distorting the jump ring during the process.

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