Matt Turquoise Seed Beads

Size: 11’0 (Approximately 2.2mm beads)
Hole: 0.6mm
Quantity: 10 grams
Core: Glass Beads
Colour: Turquoise
Style: Seed beads

New addition 11’0 category seed beads in matt finish turquoise colour. Size 11/0 the most popular size.

Larger sizes are used in various fiber crafts for embellishment, or crochet with fiber or soft, flexible wire. The largest size is 1/0 (“one-aught”, sometimes written 1/°) and the smallest is 24/0, about the size of a grain of sand.

These have a very small small hole in the center which means that stringing them usually requires the use of a specialized long narrow needle called a beading needle.

A must have for any kind of a jewellery, craft or crocket – uses are endless. Please also check out our bugle, clear and Miyuki  – stocks available in 6/0, 11/0, 12/0 as well as bugle size 3″

We also stock a number of stringing options to go with these products – please click here.

Seed Beads Sizing guide