Antique Gold Clip On Non-Pierced Earrings

Length: 15mm
Width: 10mm
Quantity: 10 hooks in a pack
Core: Metal
Style: Clip On Hooks

One advantage of these antique gold clip on non-pierced earring clips is that they are a great option for those who are unable to or do not want to get their ears pierced. This can include children, individuals with medical conditions that prevent them from getting piercings, or those who simply prefer not to pierce their ears. Non-pierced earring clips allow these individuals to still enjoy the fashion and style of wearing earrings without the discomfort or risk of infection associated with ear piercings.

Non-pierced clip on earring clips can also be a good option for individuals who experience discomfort or irritation from traditional earring posts. The clips provide a gentle and adjustable grip on the earlobe, allowing for a comfortable fit that can be adjusted to the wearer’s preference.