Golden??Cloisonne Beads -Doughnut Shape

Size: 15mm
Width: 5mm
Hole: ??4mm
Colour: Golden Base – Enamel Gold
Quantity: 1 Bead

AuthenticCloisonne beads, ornament for cloisonne jewelery

Authentic decorative cloisonnebeads are world renowned for their artistry, representingthe centuries old tradition and setting a standard for artisticexpression, enamel artwork, an art which has produced some ofthe most brilliant decorative design to adorn jewelery products, andother fashionable items.
An exquisite piece of cloisonnǸmust have colours that are moist and glossy, fresh and bright, a bodythat is substantive and sturdy, a wire inlay that is neat andwell-proportioned, and gold plating that glitters. Its delicateappearance and splendid patterns should emit a classical warmth thatrivets the gaze, and leaves one too infatuated to part with it.
We stock cloisonne beads in a number of elegant, stylish and stunningdesigns for all your cloisonne jewelery projects.