Short Tube Ceramic Beads??

Size: 12X10mm
Colour: Blue
Quantity: 1 Bead

Discount TerracottaBeads, Ceramic Beads, Clay and Procelain Beads

Just in time – New stunning short tube ceramic mud beads have arrived and offer an array ofchoice to incorporate these lovely jewelery making beads into stunningjewelery. These beads offer a vivid combination of colours – ideal formaking bracelets, necklaces or your favourite jewelery items. All ourearthenware products ??(ceramicbeads, claybeads) have been glazed to achieve durability, stabilityand a end product which is colourful and stunning. All earthenwareproducts (porcelain, earthenware, stoneware, fimo, polymer clay, raku,peruvian porcelain?? and egyptian paste products will be listedhere). ??As always all our??beads come withour promise of low prices across our range of quality beads and we dooffer allour online??beads at rock bottom prices. You can look around,compare our prices and feel secure in buying our items.
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