Length: 12mm
Width: 12mm
Hole: 1.2mm
Quantity: 20 beads in a pack
Colour: Dark Brown (as shown in the pic)
Core: High quality lustre glass pearl beads

High quality perfectly round lustre dyed glass pearl beads are now in stock with our low introductory prices these pearls are ideal for stunning necklaces and pearl earrings. These pearls represent the finest quality glass dyed pearls beads at the best affordable prices.

Please note that we also stock other varieties of pearl beads i.e mother of pearl, half drilled pearl, shell beads and pendants, freshwater pearl and shell nuggets beads.

We select our beads with extreme care and diligence to guarantee your satisfaction both with the quality and price – often with elegance & luxury comes high price but for us we take great satisfaction in providing excellent value for money, we promise to look after the uniqueness of our beads, products and accessories with your satisfaction in mind. This is why our beads are the artisan’s pride and a designer’s dream and with our huge variety, no ideas & dreams are unfulfilled.