Peru Heishi Beads

: 4mm (Diameter)
Thickness: 1mm
Hole: 1mm
Qty: 1 Strand ( Approx 380-400 pieces)
Core: Polymer Clay
Colour: Peru

Heishi is the name given to this style of beads. A small polished bead, often of shell, polymer clay, coral, or turquoise, especially a small flat disk that can be strung with others of uniform size to form a smooth cylindrical strand, used to make jewellery.

Grab a hook, stretchy nylon wire or use the existing string, clamp it together and you have a ready made heishi bracelet in a few seconds.

Heishi beads are environmentally & Eco friendly decorative spacer, disc beads that can create texture and complexity in your designs.
Typically used between larger, more colorful beads and focal pieces.

You’ll find a variety of styles, from daisy spacers and roundels, to textured discs and Bali style selections. With sterling silver and pewter choices to copper and more, these beads will add a little extra shine to your jewelry-making projects.

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Ideal for kids activity, creativity during lockdowns, school holidays to learn jewellery designing and experience making simple bracelets.


DISCLAIMER: Bead colour might look slightly different to actual because due to variation in screen resolutions in different platforms and monitors.